Adliswil »competition for a replacement new build«, refugee transit centre Adliswil »rifugio nel verde«

With the new building for the refugee transit centre Adliswil, a 30 year old temporary solution is replaced. The refugee centre is one of many of it’s kind in Switzerland. The centres serve as the first point of contact when refugees enter Switzerland. It is planned that refugees stay no longer than 6 to 8 weeks in the facility. Should the status of refugee be granted, people will be distributed to towns and communities in the country. The facility gives people (some of whom are severely traumatised) a temporary home.

Our project positions an L-shaped building alongside the road which protects the garden or park behind the structure. There are 2 phases in which the building is to be erected. In both phases the facility needs to be fully operational. In the first phase, situated next to the neighbouring site), the communal kitchens and the accommodation for single people is erected. In the 2nd phase the accommodation for families, including their own kitchens, will be built. To fulfil the required high level of sustainability the building will be constructed as a timber build. In addition, the services concept features photovoltaic panels, a heat pump and the use of grey water.

The building is nestled into the green area bank of the »Sihl«. On the upper level, next to the classrooms, there is roof garden which serves as a breakout space. How architecture and landscape interact leads to the project’s title: »rifugio nel verde«.





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