House Jakob Hermann »family home«

The project is a family home for a couple with 2 children in the town of Steinen, Hägelberg in Germany.
The site is located above the town of Weil am Rhein, at the edge of the black forest. As the road is the highest situated in the village, there is a fantastic panoramic view across Basel and Alsace. On a beautiful day one can see the alps.

The terrain of the site is very steep. For that reason, there is a difference in level of a whole floor between the entrance level and living room level. The client’s brief comprises a large open plan living room with a fireplace, which is arranged around the central staircase, that connects all floors of the house. There are 2 bathrooms and the bedrooms on the upper floor. The angle of the pitched roof and its orientation is defined by the local masterplan »Bebauungsplan«.

To achieve a clear geometric design solution, no dormer windows were included.





Total area


Main usable area


Property area


First floor


Second floor